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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about different types of loans and other related information that may be helpful in your search of the right loan solution.

What are collateralized loans?

Also commonly referred to as a secured loan, a collateralized loan is simply a loan with collateral which often allows the lender to have less risk when approving the borrowers loan request. Collateral can be many things and can come in many forms but is commonly a car, real estate, commercial property, business equipment, or other liquid assets. Sometimes collateralized loans can be easier to obtain than a unsecured loan since they are not simply based on the borrowers credit. A loan with collateral is usually safer for the lender as then they are not as at high of a risk of having the loan being defaulted on and not being able to collect in some way.

What is an unsecured loan?

An unsecured loan is simply a loan without collateral that is often also referred to as a signature loan. These types of loans are usually based on the individual or businesses credit worthyness, among other factors. Since no collateral is required for an unsecured loan the lender is at greater risk and so interest rates may be higher than a secured loan. Generally speaking, most short term loans and personal loans are unsecured.

How much can I borrow?

How big of a loan you can get approved for depends on a multitude of factors and may vary greatly by lender to lender and borrower to borrower. Many online loan companies offer free no obligation loan quotes so you can see how much you can qualify for and find the best rates and pay back terms for your needs before you accept the loan. It is always very important to shop around, compare rates and loan terms, and ensure you understand the full extent of the loan before you accept. Always be sure to never borrow more than you can afford to pay back. If you are ready to get started then you can start by completing the short form on this page to see our partner loan providers to quickly compare and find a loan solution that may be right for you.

How quickly will I get my money?

Each lender has different funding terms but most of our loan partners can have funds distributed to you in as little as 1-3 business days. Please be sure to read the specific lenders websites to get full details on their average loan distribution times and specific terms before you apply or agree to accept any loan. Complete the short form on this page to view our list of loan companies and visit their websites for more information and to apply online.

Can I still get a loan with bad credit?

Every lender looks at credit differently and many will not accept people with very bad credit however in some cases having bad credit may not restrict you from getting a loan. If you have bad credit, but you have collateral, then a secured collateralized loan may be the best option for you. By putting up collateral it reduces the risk to the lender and so it may be possible to find a loan provider that can help you even if you have bad credit. If you have no collateral to put up for the loan and have very bad credit you may also consider finding a cosigner for your loan which may increase your odds of approval. Short and simple, people with bad credit may have a harder time getting a loan compared to someone with excellent credit but it can still be possible to get a loan with some extra effort, and in most cases a willingness to pay a higher interest rate. Some bad credit loan companies provide short term loans at very high interest rates and these types of loans are not suggested except for the case of an emergency and should not be considered long term lending options. If you are not able to get a loan from a traditional source you may also try borrowing from friends or family as an alternative solution.

How do I apply for a loan?

Applying for a loan online can be a fairly quick and simple process. Simply find the loan provider and loan type that is right for you and apply online. In some cases additional paperwork may be required but in other cases the lenders may be able to approve you instantly online with no additional paperwork. To view our list of loan partners simply complete the 1-step form below to compare options and then learn more and apply via their website online.

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