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In today’s economy many hard working and employed Americans still find themselves in emergency situations, or with unexpected expenses, that require fast cash loans. Online installment loans can be a convenient and quick solution for people seeking a quick loan. Finding installment loans for bad credit can be a difficult challenge, but possible to obtain, especially if you have a job with steady monthly income. If you have a job and are in need of quick cash for any purpose then an installment loan may be right for you.

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Installment Loans FAQ

What is an installment loan?
A good example of a common type of installment loan is a traditional automobile loan where the loan is usually for a fixed term and also has fixed monthly payments. Installment loans normally have a set maturity date in which the balance of the loan will be paid back by. Installment loans generally require no collateral and very little documentation. This allows for instant installment loans to close quickly and there is no need for the consumer to put up collateral or put their valuable assets at risk. A short term installment loan is also usually a better alternative than a payday loan. You get a larger loan that can be paid off on a schedule and with often lower fees.

What can I use installment loans for?
Installment loans can be used to cover any emergency expense and for virtually any other purposes. Normally their are no restrictions on what you can use a personal installment loan for.

What fees are commonly charged on installment loans?
Fees will vary by lender, loan amount and often even by your state of residence. Check with our list of online lenders websites for current rates and terms.

What do I need to qualify for a loan?
Every lender qualifies loan applicants differently but in general most lenders will require that you are age 18 or over, are a United States resident, and are employed with a steady monthly income over a certain amount. If you meet these minimum requirements then you may be able to qualify for an installment loan online today. Complete the form above to view our list of loan providers and learn more about what you may need to qualify for a loan online.

What about installment loans for people with bad credit?
Many of the loan companies that we list can provide installment loans for bad credit or other types of bad credit loans. Some lenders may even offer no credit check loans for people with very bad credit. Complete the quick form above to view our list of lenders and visit their websites for full details and to apply online.

How do I receive the money once I am approved for a loan?
Every lender is different and so you should check our list of lenders and visit their websites for full details but often the process is very quick, simple and convenient. Once your application is approved, the loan amount is often simply electronically deposited into your bank account and your funds are available to you that same day.

Where can I apply for installment loans online?
Simply complete the short form above to see our list of loan companies that offer installment loans, as well as other types of loans, to find the best loan for your needs fast and easy online. Once you find the loan that is right for you simply visit their website to apply online. In most cases approvals are instant and funding is fast.

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